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Ariel’s Island

by Pat McKee

WHEN THE MILANO CORPORATION’S LEAD COUNSELOR PLUMMETS to his death, young and hungry Atlanta litigator Paul McDaniel dives into the murky waters of the patent dispute between brothers Placido and Anthony Milano and their mysterious challenger SyCorAx, Ltd. Placido’s elusive assistant Ariel helps Paul glide through the turbulent currents of the case, and his prospects couldn’t seem any brighter—until a weekend spent at an exclusive coastal island resort with the Milanos reveals a hidden adversary and sends Paul scrambling to save Placido’s daughter Melissa, prove himself innocent of bribery and murder, and preserve the career he’s sacrificed his entire life to build.

“In his thrilling debut novel, legal veteran McKee takes the reader on a white-knuckle ride from corporate law offices to private islands where the cleanest thing is the laundered money. An insider’s take on ‘the Dirty South,’ with more twists and turns than a backwoods rattler’s spine.”

—Erik Butler, author of, The Rise of the Vampire

“An action-packed legal thriller enveloping attorney Paul McDaniel in heart-stopping danger . . . on a treacherous odyssey from the marble towers of midtown Atlanta through the enclaves of the ultra-wealthy and the Caribbean Isles. A unique and provocative story line. I could not put this novel down or sleep when finished!”

E. Clinton Lawrence, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Emory University

“A riveting novel: courtroom drama in a high-stakes patent case . . . multiple murders . . . chases and rescues. . . . This is a remarkable first novel. We can only hope that Mr. McKee will provide us with more.”

—William L. Bost, Jr., former Editor-in-Chief, Georgia Bar Journal

About the Author

Pat McKee was born in Miami, Florida. After the early deaths of his parents, he grew up at Thornwell, an orphanage in Clinton, South Carolina. Following high school, he worked his way through Georgia State University and Emory Law School. Pat and his wife, Donna, live in Newnan, Georgia, where he practices law, and they have two children, Jessica and Patrick. Jessica and her husband, Alden, also live in Newnan and have one daughter, Sloane. Patrick is finishing his law degree at Emory University. Pat has always been a writer. Ariel’s Island is his first book of fiction..

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