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Paper & Ink, Flesh & Blood

by Rita Mace Walston

Growing up, Margaux has many friends, but most of them are made of paper and ink. An unusual inheritance from her Aunt Genvieve allows Margaux to hear books speak aloud to her—with words of wisdom, and words of warning. When Margaux’s husband, August Locke, falls to his death in a horse race, she must return to her youth as a girl in suburban Virginia and with her aunt in Montreal—and the peculiar lessons she has learned from her strange abilities—to find the strength to uncover the truth about August and save Lockeswood Manor.

This intimacy, in such a case, feels like a privilege, and it gives us considerable pleasure to have been granted closeness to Margaux. . . . Line by line, paragraph by paragraph, it’s a real pleasure to read.

—Pinckney Benedict, author of the award-winning , Miracle Boy and Other Stories

With rich and gorgeous writing as well as a real gift for place . . . wise and heartbreaking. . . . A dazzling love letter to the power—and magic—of books!

—Constance Sayers, author of A Witch in Time

About the Author

Reading has always been an escape and a refuge for Rita Mace Walston. She wanted to write a novel that could be that for others. A story with empathetic characters in situations that are relatable. About coming to terms with who you are. Acknowledging and accepting your history. Becoming comfortable in your own skin. Fitting in, or maybe deciding that not fitting in is just fine, too. She thinks embracing who you truly are, regardless of who else does, is the best happy ending of all.

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